17 Mountain Division - Army


On June 23rd 2018, we began our project for 17 Mountain Division, Gangtok, Sikkim. The objective of the Project was to make Gangtok Military Station Zero Waste.



This project was divided into the following phases:


1. ZERO WASTE AUDIT & SOLUTION DESIGN –A baseline survey was conducted by weighing the waste. It also included inspecting the current waste collection, processing, and disposal practices. The data was used for the solution design phase. The data indicated that roughly 2 tons per day of waste are generated every day by Gangtok Military Station, out of which 500 kg is dry waste, 1200 kg is wet waste and 300 kg is rejects ( rejects are only supposed to go to landfill). The number of rejects was very high -  15%. This should ideally be below 10%. An integrated onsite waste treatment plant was proposed which was sanctioned by the Station Authorities.


            Weighing the Sorted Dry Waste                                                 



A  Zero Waste Policy was framed at the institution level. Core Impetus of the policy :

  • Phasing out of single-use plastics
  • Deposit Schemes
  • Ban on Burning and Littering of Waste
  • 3 way segregation ( wet, dry and rejects)
  • Integrated Onsite Waste Treatment Centre
  • Source Reduction Measures and Green Tendering

The policy is at stakeholder discussion level post which it shall be ratified.



A pilot wet waste treatment shed was constructed. This was made mainly using bamboo with an underground filter bed to treat leachates from the composting procedure. The capacity of this shed is 50 kgs/day.




                                                  Composting Training ( Software Intervention)


We are now in the process of setting up an onsite Integrated Waste Management Centre which will ensure that only less than 10% of generated waste from Gangtok Military Station goes to landfill