TetraPak Paper Recycling

To transform our landscape to a circular economy , we started a lab-scale research project to recycle post-consumer Tetra Pak Cartons. Our focus was on recycling the paper portion (75% of the packaging) while the PolyAl portion ( Polythene Aluminum composite) was disposed off as rejects.

The research was sponsored by a couple who agreed to have recycled Tetra Pak paper products in their invitations.


1. The TetraPak carton was split into its individual components

2. The paper board was shredded and passed through a Total Chlorine Free Bleaching Process

3. This paper was then pulped and dyed using Organic Turmeric.

                                                                         PRODUCTION LINE


1 kg TetraPak i.e. 96 cartons was diverted from going to landfill in this project.